Vino and Cerveza

Vino - From 6000 BC to current day, wine has been the water of the Gods. Spain is the 3rd largest exporter on the globe and we have their very best at Nido Cafe.

Red by the Glass

2015 Montgras Cabernet 8 glass 32 btl

This 100% Cabernet from Chile is structured, smooth and complex all while having a silky finish.

Wine Bar in Cumming, GA2015 Altes Garnacha - 7 glass 26 btl

100% Garnacha from Catalonia that has luscious deep sweet fruits and toasty oak notes.

2014 Paso a Paso Organic Red - 7 glass 23 btl

100%Tempranillo that's medium bodied with plums.

2011 Juan Gil - 10 glass 37 btl

Monastrell from Jumilla Spain (part of the Clio family) Full bodied with notes of sweet spices and dark cherries.

2015 Kaiken Malbec - 9 glass 36 btl

Beautiful reserva malbec from Mendoza Argentina with smooth notes of cherry, coffee and chocolate.

2014 Alto Moncayo Veraton - 13 glass 49 btl

This luscious garnacha delivers perfect notes of cherries, blueberries and vanilla.

Red by the Bottle

Wine & Dessert Pairings2012 Bluegray Priorat - 48

This beautiful blend of Garnacha, Cab and Carinena brings intense notes of black fruits and cherries with herbs and a nice spiced finish.

2014 Clio - 86

A legendary wine this Monastrell and Cab blend from Jumilla Spain has explosive aromas and notes of blue and black fruit with an opulent smooth finish.

2014 El Nido - 186

This elegant cabernet is the flagship of the Jumilla region of Spain with bold notes of berries, tobacco, chocolate and vanilla. An exceptional experience.


Pedro Ximenez-Alvear 1927 - 12

Silky smooth with deep notes of molasses, raisins and traces of chocolate. Perfect sweet finish to any tasting.

Ferreira Tawny Porto - 10

Notes of plum, chocolate & vanilla with a hint of oak


Traditional (OJ) - 7 glass
Mango - 7 glass

White by the Glass

2015 Botani Blanco 8 glass - 32 btl

From the steep slopes of Malaga this sweet sparkling muscat from Dr. Victoria Ordonez has incredible aromas of exotic flowers and crisp tasting notes of fresh fruit.

2015 Vinho Verde - 7 glass 26 btl

Broadbent created this Portuguese crisp white for a perfect beach day. Very pleasant refreshing wine with notes of lemon and citrus.

White Wine2015 LaCana Albarino - 8 glass 28 btl

Creamy texture with notes of pineapple, lemon and a touch of almond.

2015 Santa Julia Pinot Grigio - 8 glass 28 btl

Crisp white from Argentina with notes of Melon and tropical fruit.

2013 Felino Chardonnay 10 glass 36 btl

Crisp green apples with a buttery rich finish. Paul Hobbs project.

White by the Bottle

2014 Luca Chardonnay - 48

Crisp with notes of tropical fruit and lemon crème with a long finish and a kiss of oak. The only white we picked from Argentina

2014 Arinzano Chardonnay - 42

In the style of French White Burgundy this beautiful wine is smooth with soft notes of lemon peel with a creamy elegant finish.

2015 Shaya Verdejo - 30

Very light Verdejo with Melon Orange blossoms and lime zest


2015 Borsao Rose - 6 glass 23 btl

Very crisp and clean rose of Grenache has notes of raspberry and white flowers.

2016 Muga Rosado - 8 glass 29 btl

Very crisp and clean this Rioja rose has notes of cherry, peach and pineapples. Reminiscent of Provence style.


2015 Kila Cava Brut 6 glass 23 btl

Dry and toasty with flavors of apple, citrus and grapefruit.


RED - Sweet red wine with orange, lemon, lime. - 7

Pitcher of Sangria for two - 12


Cerveza - Only the most delicious local craft beer is represented at Nido. If we like it, it's on the list.


Brewed by Grumpy Old Man in Blue Ridge this ale is light and smooth. A crisp craft beer perfect for day or night. 4.0% ABV


Matured on fresh raspberry and balanced by a pleasing acidity this tart and fruit forward sour is one of 3Taverns brewers' favorites. 5.0% ABV


Creature comfort in Athens makes this delicious California style IPA with juicy notes of passion fruit and citrus. Hops in this luscious beer take your palate on a never ending journey. 6.5% ABV


From Reformation in Woodstock, Nolan is a collaborative rotating IPA with Wander North Georgia.


Brewed at 3 Taverns in Atlanta this American IPA was inspired by Belgian Monks and the lush notes of citrus leads to a clean dry finish. Perfect expression of an American IPA. 7.5% ABV


From Burnt Hickory Brewery in Kennesaw, Big Shanty is not a little beer by any means. Made with real graham cracker crumbs and honey, itʼs sweetness is only challenged by itʼs strong roast and hop bitterness. 9.0% ABV


From Reformation Brewery in Woodstock, Jude has a delicate floral aroma and clean citrus finish. 9.2% ABV