Pour over

Our Approach

We all like to eat. Not just eat though, we like to escape and feel like we have left the country for a few hours. Food and wine can take you on a journey. We like that journey. It makes us happy when Atlanta traffic gets us down. So we look for place to roll in, tell stories that likely aren't true and laugh until its time to go home. So we built this place because we want to hang out here. Somewhere cool.

Our Story

Jack, Bill and Kevin all work out at the YMCA in Vickery just about every morning. We would always end up at the cafe in town for breakfast and coffee and complain. "Why don't they do this?? What don't they do that?" Then one day Kevin said, "Why don't we just buy this place and make it awesome ? You guys in?" They said "Hell yeah dude! Lets do it!"

So we did it. Thus Nido

Meet the Team

Three guys from different backgrounds and different industries that like coffee, good food and chocolate. We also have wives that want to go out to cool places nearby. So this braintrust decided to build the most awesome cafe our meager savings could produce.

Kevin Head shot

Kevin Neel


Kevin started a cool restaurant named LaCrema Tapas & Chocolate in Rosemary Beach, FL seven years ago and happily ran it until some guy wanted to buy it. Then Kevin moved to the ATL and got bored with regular suburban life and no beach. So he decided to recreate the fun here in Vickery. This is your COO. Chief Operations Officer extraordinaire

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 9.52.32 PM

Jac Crawford


This is Jac. He is our CEO.  After 20 years in the medical field Jac learned many lessons which mostly involve talking. He can tell you a story that will make you laugh, cry and get hungry. Probably the nicest guy ever from Alabama. You might see Jac camping on the AT trying to start a fire with two sticks and his hair. He can do anything and everything.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 9.29.01 PM

Bill Curis


This is Bill. He is quiet but in a funny slightly hilarious sort of way. Smart as a whip Bill has been in the finance biz for 15 years so he is our CFO. He says things like..." Hey guys, lets not spend any more money" Thats why he's the CFO. Bill is usually at the YMCA swimming for 14 miles until the lifeguard says "Get out, its old lady water aerobics time"